What We Do

We provide group activities in Hong Kong for pre-school children, primary caregivers and families to experience the joy of food together.  Our activities enable children, caregivers and families to:
Explore, share & learn about Preparing and Eating food
Understand the Food Value Chain (the process of getting food from the farm to the table) and the Natural World around us.
Have fun in specially arranged sessions with Food Experts who - like you - are passionate about helping children develop a healthy relationship with food
Our 2018 programme rotates the activities below every week:

Munch-Market (2.5 hrs)

Join us at the market, where the bustle, colour and local produce knowledge of the vendors provide an exciting introduction to the beating heart of many of Hong Kong’s communities. We'll build on this excitement to get creative with our new ingredients.

  • Explore, share & learn about buying, preparing & eating food 

  • Experience a typical Wet Market – see, touch, explore & learn more about vegetables

  • Get creative as we prepare a meal together

Munch-Garden (2.5 hrs)

How does your garden grow? Come along with us and find out. Community gardens are increasingly popular in urban environments and offer a slice of the countryside in the concrete jungle. See how we use them to create sustainable meals as well as communities.

  • Explore, share & learn about growing, preparing and eating food

  • Visit a local community garden – learn about growing vegetables

  • Get creative as we prepare a meal together​

Munch-Farm (3 hrs)

You've probably heard about the "farm to table" process. This activity gives us a peek behind the scenes so we can start to understand how this process works and the effort required to make it all happen. We'll also discover that lunch tastes even better after experiencing the care and attention devoted to growing the ingredients.

  • Explore, share & learn about how food moves from farm to table

  • Visit a vegetable farm and learn about growing vegetables at home

  • Taste and touch new flavours as we enjoy a meal together

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