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The latest Munchkins activities are detailed below. We keep our group sizes small (maximum 8 children) so we can offer an engaging, small group experience.

19 Aug 2020

$2,700 (6 weeks)

Per Child (2.5 - 6 yrs)

Food Is Alive! (Thursdays; 3:45-4:45pm)

- Are you looking to encourage your child to develop healthier eating habits?

- Do you want to increase their engagement at meal-times?

- Are you looking to nurture their confidence to experiment with new foods and flavours?

Come us join us to explore where our ingredients come from and get hands-on cooking skills! We will try out new...


  • Kneading, mashing grating & blending

  • Making French bread rolls, courgette fritters & carrot soup

Colours & Taste

  • Rainbow fruit pots, veggie blends & colour potions 

  • Salty, sour, bitter & sweet taste tests


  • Guess the smell blindfold test

  • Making herb smelling potions, spice paintings & smelly boards

Sprouts & Seeds

  • Mini sprouting gardens 

  • Seed bar snacks, sprouted salads & dips

Just Add Water

  • Dried & dehydrated foods

  • Fruit & vegetable chips, crispy crackers

Bi-weekly Lunchtime Discoveries

  • Preparing a meal family style & meal-time responsibilities - washing up, table setting & table manners

  • Sample meals include:

    • Italian Frittata & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    • Little Chef’s Curry

    • Salmon & Corn Brunchcakes

    • Southwest Quesadillas

    • Japanese Chicken Skewers & Garlic Fried Rice

    • Italian Bolognese Cups

    • Mexican Veggie Tortilla Pies

    • Pumpkin Fritters 

    • Mexican Rice & Bean burritos

This 6 week programme is held in Wan Chai on Thursdays from 20th August to 24th September 2020.

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