About Us

Munchkins was born in 2016 in Singapore and initially started out as a family meet-up to cook with our children. What became clear was that the little ones wanted to know and learn more about where the food was coming from but also enjoyed the experience of learning together, with parents and caregivers but also with new found friends.

As our group grew, we organised more regular events to explore the world of food with children – visiting Singapore’s community gardens, wet markets and meeting local food experts.  With every session, our children became more daring in their tastes and their self-confidence increased - not only with food, but in their interactions with each other.

In August 2017, Munchkins landed in Hong Kong where we continue to create even more opportunities for children to flourish and grow as they learn about food – taking away memories of these experiences with their family to take with them on life’s journeys.

About Munchkins’ Founder - Melissa Au

The majority of my childhood was spent either in the kitchen - listening to family discussions as we cooked together – or running wild around the garden to pick fruit and vegetables for our next meal. One of my earliest memories was picking apples with my Italian Bisnonna (Great Grandmother) and my Chinese-Malaysian father to make apple pies.


For over a decade, my career in change management, learning and development continued to demonstrate the importance of finding common ground for successful relationships, communities and organisations.  

Food provides everyone with this common purpose - we all need to eat!  Food is the perfect opportunity for people to come together, share experiences and nurture a confidence to learn and grow.